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Fun Family Activities for the Car

Is your family taking a short trip to grandma's house or going on a cross-country vacation in the family car this month? Here are some fun family activities and games to enjoy with the kids on road trips this summer.

Progressive Scrapbook. Buy a notebook for each child, along with safe scissors and some tape or a glue stick. Wherever you stop, pick up some brochures or postcards. Have the children select pictures or other memorabilia to put in their personal scrapbooks, and have them write (or draw) about what they liked, what they did, etc.

Reading and Listening. Plan a visit to the library before your trip. Allow each child to pick out a few books. Make sure they have a personal book bag so they can be responsible for their own stuff. You can also add some coloring books, activity books, pencils, etc. While you're at the library, choose some family classics on audio for everyone to enjoy together.

Alphabet Signs. Find all the letters of the alphabet?in order?on billboards, highway signs, license plates, etc. The only letters off limits are those inside your own vehicle. As a person finds a letter, they call out the letter and the word that contains it. (Young children could call out the letter and describe the sign.) Compete individually, with everyone calling out letters and words at the same time, or work together as a team.

This story was adapted from a longer article written by Scott Williams for FamilyLife's online magazine, The Family Room. For even more great ideas, read the entire article.